Automate Payments

Multiple payment options

Allow flexibility in your payments

Freelancers can be paid by the hour, day, word, a fixed budget or select multiple methods.

Worksheet raised by a freelancer for a blog redesign, for 2000 GBP

Streamline and review cost tracking

No more timesheets, expenses or invoices lost in email folders. Freelancers can raise worksheets or claim expenses directly on their profile. Various dashboards allow for real-time tracking of total spend

Consolidated invoice showing the amount to be paid per freelancer

Pay one invoice, not a hundred

Forget about processing everyone’s invoices. We aggregate all your freelancer worksheets and expenses and raise one invoice to you. You pay us each month, we pay all the freelancers in more than 100 countries.

Consolidated invoice showing the amount to be paid per freelancer, with the payment status and payment terms

Dictate your payment terms

Subject to credit approval we may be able to set a payment date for all your freelancers and give you time to pay us.

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