Organise People

Profile overview of a freelancer highlighting her location, rating, hourly rate, skills and total earning

Organise and access your talent

Replace your spreadsheets with a dashboard and bring your talent to the cloud, whether full time or contractor. Use powerful search to filter by location, skill, rating, job title, rate or their resume.

Sample question from an onboarding form

Access the right documents in seconds

Create and send out onboarding forms to allow you to gather the right contracts and KYC documents for all of your freelancers. Everything from contracts and NDAs, to portfolios and past experience is saved securely in your platform.

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Mass invite people

Send out multiple invites via a simple email, or paste a link to your onboarding procedure on your career page.

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Tap into 1.5 Million freelancers

If you can't find the right person within your existing pool of people, you can always take a look inside of ours, for free.

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