Manage Projects

Project overview with the manager name, the budget allocated and percentage achieved

Create projects and track project deadlines

With a centralised view of all projects, you can filter by upcoming deadlines and make sure all your work is completed on time.

Chat conversation between a manager and a provider

Promote collaboration

Involve the right stakeholders, create dedicated project teams, and allow multiple freelancers and managers to communicate within one project.

A project that is broken down into multiple tasks

Manage deliverables

Subdivide projects into tasks, allocate them to specific people and easily monitor progress.

Real-time tracking of the approved and submitted worksheets per freelancer

Keep an eye on costs

Real time tracking of budget burn-down allows you to always monitor budget spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are budget requests / purchase orders handled by allows you to allocate budget to each of your Managers on an ad-hoc basis. Each project on requires a Purchase Order to be raised and approved before the Project can start. It can be raised by any manager within that project, and approved by any manager that has enough budget available. This means you are very unlikely to encounter bottlenecks when kicking off your project.

  • Does integrate with other Project Management software?

    Absolutely, whilst we have our own capabilities we recognize that some of our clients already have too much data in their PM tool, which they do not want to replicate. will work with their clients to fully integrate into their existing tech stack.

  • Can project deadlines be extended?

    Of course! You have full flexibility!

  • I use my own project codes, can replicate these?

    This question has multiple answers! allows you to name your projects, if you want to replicate codes from other software we can either try to replicate the process or work towards integrating with the other software.

  • What do you mean by project collaboration?

    Freelancers are not all "gig workers". We know that you often have teams of freelancers working for you on ongoing projects. We allow Managers to subdivide tasks, chat within the context of projects and share material.

  • As a Manager I see a Project that I cannot seem to access, why is that?

    You probably are the Organization Creator, so you have an overview of all project names and deadlines. However, you will only be able to access the ones you have been invited into.