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More than just a Freelancer Management System. provides you both the software and access to freelancers to be able to run your global teams.

Grow your contingent workforce

  • Source talent, onboard them in minutes
  • Integrate to your existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Onboard your existing freelancers with all their work history

Stay Compliant

  • Customise your onboarding / interview process
  • Collect all your KYC docs in one place
  • We handle compliance and verification for you

Staff, manage & run projects

  • Create Statements of Work
  • Match project requirements to skills in seconds
  • Track real-time progress against timelines & budget

Remove the hassle of payment

  • Receive regular worksheets for work completed
  • We pay all your freelancers, wherever they are, on your behalf
  • We take care of any compliance where relevant like 1099 or W2 filing

With over 10 years experience in the freelance economy, parent company has been a pioneering driving force of innovation in the fast-changing world of flexible working. Since 2007, we have served over 200,000 freelancers and contractors, paid out over $100m to them, and helped over 150,000 business stay flexible and nimble.

Inventing the Future

1 in 3 people are now Gigsters, and that number is projected to grow to 1 in 2 over the next decade. was created with a mission of allowing larger businesses to grow and manage their contingent workforce, at scale, thereby allowing them to reap massive benefits of cost, flexibility and accessibility to specialist skills, on-demand.

We believe in a future where the gap between the small and the large has to converge. For larger businesses to survive in an increasingly competitive, more global environment, where the status quo is constantly challenged by technology empowered startups, no businesses can afford to stay complacent.

The next generation of Enterprises will be those that reap the benefits of their size yet stay flexible, nimble and innovative. To do that, they have to embrace the on-demand economy, they have to substitute long inflexible and outdated contracts with contingent working and gigging, and they have to follow the talent where it goes.

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