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People Onboarding


Customize your Providers' onboarding experience

TalentDesk.io allows you to customize the onboarding experience for each of your Providers by tailoring your onboarding forms to their skills and expertise (e.g., design, development, marketing, etc). Collect any kind of information including their full name, job title, work experience, hourly rate and CV and attach appropriate contracts.

Onboard them fast and seamlessly

Use the default onboarding form provided by TalentDesk.io or create your own custom form and invite your Providers via email. Once they answer the questions in the onboarding form, review their answers, request amends and track their overall onboarding progress. Similarly, onboard your managers as easily as sending an email.

All in one place

Gather all your KYC docs in one place

Use the onboarding forms to collect any kind of Know Your Clients (aka KYC) documentation and have everything in one place. We also take care of any compliance procedures, dealing with obligations like 1099 or W2 filing for you.